Bucharest Hospitals

The latest version is: v3.2. The first version is: v1.0 BETA

Version v1.0 BETA - back in 2017

- Implemented system to get data from main server

Version v2.0

- Got out of beta!
- Reviews can be added!

Version v2.1

- Bug fixes
- Fixed UI Interface issues
- Added a brand-new Search Engine.

Version v2.2

- Added Update Function
- Improved the UI Interface(tweaking here and somewhere... you got the idea)
- Tweaked the App Name a little bit(possible grammar error)

Version v2.3

- Added Comment Swear Protection
- Update System gives errors! I need Help!

Version v2.4

- Unfortunately, I disabled the update system! From now, you will need to
do manual updates!
- Added About Screen(by pressing menu at first screen)
- Can Dial the European Emergency Number from the About Screen(online or

Version v2.5

- Disabled the About Screen
- Moved the emergency dial button on the main screen.

Version v2.6

- Bug Fixes and UI improvement.

Version v2.7

- UI Design got more improved.
- Fixed programming UI gray only issue.
- Re-added the about screen back, accesible on the main screen.

Version v3.0

- Added Permisions(Android 6.0 Marshmallow and higher)
- Fixed Force Close Errors of Application!
- Added back Update Notifications!

Version v3.1

- Fixed some issues with the permissions prompt.

Version v3.2

- Fixed some major bugs(including app not starting up on phones that have
version less than Android Marshmallow)
- Added forced exit on back pressed, because it won't work properly again if restarted
- We changed from the old domain to the new domain(hospitalsbucharest.com)
- I improved the code stability a bit

Future updates to do:

- Rework the UI and create a new application with these updates! Will be launched
soon in version v4.0. Also all the bugs will be fixed.

- Bug fixing a Comment System Error: If you post a empty comment form(no name,
no stars,no comment), something unexpected will happen.

- Offline mode.